A Quick Word on COVID-19 (And a Home Gym Heroes Update)

These certainly are some interesting times we’re living in.

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly across the globe, we are all faced with a lot of uncertainty. Many questions are racing through all of our minds.

Will I be safe? Will my loved ones stay safe? What are going to be the economic consequences in the short-term? Long-term? What can I do to help?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have answers to these questions. This is leading to mass confusion, stress, anxiety, and hysteria. 

We stress the importance of exercise and good habits due to the positive effects it has on our mental health, such as fighting stress and anxiety. This certainly is the time, more than ever, to be on top of physical and mental fitness.

How to Stay Safe

The best way to safe during these times is to self-isolate. Many states are already passing a mandatory shelter in place for citizens, as well as shutting down any business that aren’t considered essential.

However, this does not limit exposure to others and potentially to the virus itself. With grocery stores and restaurants open as take-out only, it is easy to leave quarantine. We recommend you leave only when you have to due to limit any exposure to others as the virus is extremely virulent with a shocking ability to spread.

Please make decisions with caution as the spread of coronavirus is exponential.

Furthermore, it is imperative to continue working out during these times to not only cope with the emotional stress of the pandemic but also to keep our immunity high.

Because it’s risky to leave during quarantine, and with many gyms closed, many people are beginning to workout in their homes. We always promote the use of a home gym, but it seems that now is the prime time to invest in one.

If you don’t currently have any home gym equipment, we recommend you engage in activities such as push-ups, HIIT, resistance workouts, and yoga! We’ll be coming out with various workouts to do in your home gym shortly to help you be able to mix it up and find what you like!

Update on Our Inventory and Shipping

Because the state of Illinois is under shelter in place, our Body-Solid facility has shut down due not being an essential business. Because of this, we are unable to ship out any orders at this time until business proceeds as usual. We will send out updates as we receive them as to when we will be able to make shipments again.

That said, we are still taking orders. If you place an order during this time while we’re unable to ship your Body-Solid equipment, we’re happy to throw you a gift to be able to use in the meantime (see below).

How We Can Help During These Times

We are happy to announce our collaboration with our good friends at Xeno Athleisure! The Xeno Yoga Mat is their core product and is a fantastic mat built to stand whatever home workout you can throw at it. We are mutually thrilled for this opportunity to better the home gym space and would like to welcome all HGH fans to their family. 

If you place an order during shelter in place while we’re unable to ship, we are happy to now be able to ship you your Xeno yoga mat of choice by Xeno Athleisure - on us! Shipping time is about 2 weeks, effective immediately upon order placement.

Because these are times of stress, anxiety, and hysteria, it is a perfect time to take advantage of this offer and get into (or continue) a yoga habit while waiting for your Body-Solid equipment. We all need to stay healthy to not only cope with the physical and mental stress of this pandemic, but also to boost our immunity towards a potential infection.

Message or email us if you’re interested in a yoga mat today!

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