4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Home Gym

Whether you already have a home gym or are looking to build one, it’s important to know how to make the most out of it. A home gym is an investment that will pay you dividends in both money and time over the long run.
Follow the advice in this article and your home gym will reap you even more time and money. Oh, and you’ll reap the benefits of great physical health, mental health, and tons of extra energy.
Below are 4 ways to get the most out of your home gym to yield dividends in many areas of your life.

1. Invest in High Quality Equipment

Home Gym Investment - High Quality Equipment
A home gym is an investment. And just like any investment, the more money you put in means the more money you make (or save, in this case… unless you use Strategy #4 below).
Make the investment in higher quality equipment now and you will save a LOT more money down the road. Better equipment lasts much longer, so you’ll avoid needing to buy a whole new set of equipment anytime soon.
High quality equipment could last up to twice as long as cheap equipment. Let’s say for instance you buy lower quality equipment which lasts you around 10 years. If you want to keep your home gym, you’d need new equipment at the end of this 10 year period which might last you another 10 years.
But imagine if you invested a few hundred more dollars for high quality equipment that could last as long as 20 years. You would have ended up saving a huge amount of money.

2. Invest Time in Making Space For Your Home Gym

Seriously. Take the time to clean out a room or the garage for a more spacious gym. You’ll have more room to workout, less claustrophobia, and more room for more equipment or larger equipment should you desire any.
Take the time to clean and make space. If you don’t even use the stuff you’re clearing out, have a garage sale and sell it for money! Now your home gym is actually making you a few bucks!
In the end, you’ll feel much more refreshed working out in an area that is neat and appealing to the eye.

3. Invest Time into Your Workouts

Home Gym - Workout

You should get into the habit of working out every day.
I know I know, it doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing. But hear me out.
Just like your equipment is an investment, think of your workouts as an investment. The more you put into them, the more you get out.
And I’m not saying that you should lift heavy for 3 hours every day. But on your off days or days that you aren’t lifting weights, you should get some sort of workout in, no matter how long.
Some quick workout ideas on off days include:
  • 15 mins of abs
  • 10-30 mins of cardio
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • If nothing else, then at least a 10-15 min walk
Trust me, you’ll get a great return on investment from this short extra workout. And the return will be in the form of more energy, more productivity, being more fit, less brain fog, less stress, and feeling better.
Doesn’t that sound nice?
Invest that 10-15 mins in your neat home gym!

4. Invest the Money You're Saving To Make More Money

Home Gym - Investment

If that extra cash you’re saving from a membership is sitting around in your bank account each month, invest that money to make you even more money!
Buy some stocks every month! Throw it in a mutual fund! Save up for some real estate! Have your home gym MAKE you money!
If you’re budgeting or not seeing this money every month, consider cutting back or moving some money around so you can try and invest it.
Although it doesn’t sound like much, an extra $50+ each month adds up FAST with compound interest. Especially if it’s on top of any other amount of cash you’re already investing.
An adult who ditched a $50/month membership for a home gym could invest an extra $600 per year! This money alone adds up to $24,597.30 over 20 years earning 7% interest!
A family of four who ditched four memberships could invest an extra $2,400 per year! 20 years later, after some compound interest, this is a significant amount of money. $98,389.18, to be exact (versus $48,000 just sitting in your account - or worse, spent).

And there you have it!

There’s four ways you can get more out of your home gym.
A home gym is an investment that benefits every aspect of your life. Take this investment seriously, and you will see amazing returns.

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