Who Is Home Gym Heroes?

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Home Gym Heroes, LLC is an online-based company that helps people get their home gym up and running. We love saving people time and money when it comes to creating a flexible workout system in the comfort of their own home. 

We’ve done all the research for you about equipment and home gym supplies so you don’t have to! We’ve found out what the exact essentials are as well as some awesome extras and upgrades to build the most beautiful home gym in existence.

We’ve also come up with the best choices of equipment for those looking to start a home gym on a budget. Or even to just get some small accessories to get a nice home workout in from time to time. We also know the best equipment for those looking for a transition between a gym membership and full-blown home gym.

And we don’t just do workout equipment. We provide our customers with awesome content consisting of different workouts or wellness info to make the most of their home gym. At the end of the day, we want our customers to enjoy what a healthy lifestyle entails.

Home Gym Heroes consists of two partners: Brandon Lebeiko (that’s me) and Connor Breuckman.

Brandon Lebeiko

You’ll be hearing a lot from me. I cover all the writing here on our blog as well as communication with our email list.

Connor Breuckman

Connor keeps our customers and community engaged on our social media channels.

So What Exactly Do We Do?

Well, as stated earlier, we help people like you get your home gym started! Or help you upgrade it!

From the essentials to the best upgrades, we’ve got it all figured out for you. We provide you with this info for free here on our blog or through our free resources, such as our Home Gym Handbook.

The Home Gym Handbook is a short guide coming soon that outlines in detail the exact steps necessary to getting your home gym up and running. (Interested in getting a copy? Get it for FREE right here and you'll receive an email once it's all finished).

Then, to make things easiest for you, you can buy any piece of equipment right here on our site. We’ve found the best equipment at a great price for you.

Find something you like while looking through our blog? We’ll have a link to the product page for you to easily click on to quickly checkout.

Or, you can search our equipment page to scroll through all the best pieces of equipment and accessories for your beautiful home gym. Since home gyms are a big investment, we also hook you up with free shipping :) We just want you to hurry and get started!

Once you make a purchase or download some of our free resources, you have the option to opt-in to our free newsletter.

Through our newsletter, we continue to send you updates on saving money, time, and making the most of your equipment. We’ll even send you different workouts you can do in your amazing home gym!

Why Do We Care So Much About Your Gym?

Here at Home Gym Heroes, we realize that building a home gym can be both time consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be!

We realize there’s nowhere you can go to learn about building your own gym, learn the best way to workout in it, and purchase the equipment all in one place.

Thus, Home Gym Heroes was born!

We also care extensively about your health and wellbeing. Isn’t that why you want a home gym in the first place? Well, maybe you want it to avoid paying monthly for a membership, to save time, or to avoid talking to people. 

But isn’t the reason you workout in the first place to be healthy!? Well, maybe you want to slim down or get jacked. But isn’t that at least part of the reason!? 

We care about your health and wellbeing, which happens to be a subject we know a TON about (I also have my own wellness blog). Which is why we continue to send you great content about being fit and improving your life.

Having a home gym is just an avenue that allows you to do this. And we recognize this. Hell, we appreciate this! Which is why we aren’t boring and only sell you gym equipment.

We’re happy you’re taking the plunge to workout in your own home so you can have more time to spend living your life or be with your family. You also get to save money and also be a healthy human being! So we’re right here to help you out :)

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