Considering A Home Gym? Read These Pros and Cons

Home Gym Pros and Cons
No monthly fees. No commute. Walking only down the hall to workout.
Ah, the pure convenience of having a gym in your own home gym. Why wouldn’t anyone want their own home gym?
A home gym is an investment that can really pay off. But it’s not for everyone - and those who desire a home gym should certainly take the decision into consideration.
That’s why we wrote this article for you. Below are all the pros and cons of a home gym to help you determine if a home gym is right for you.

Home Gym Pros:

Save Money

Save Money - Home Gym

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a home gym is how much money it saves you in the long run.
Although you do have to pay for equipment up front, you avoid the monthly fees that come with a gym membership. And if you get quality equipment that lasts a long time, you certainly make your money back in a fair amount of time.

Save Time

Pros and Cons Home Gym - Save Time

The other most important benefit of a home gym is the amount of time it saves you.
No commute. No waiting for equipment to free up. No chit chat or people distracting you during your workout.
All this time adds up a lot more than you think.
For more in-depth info on these first two perks, check out How A Home Gym Saves You Time AND Money.


Let’s be real. What’s more convenient than walking down the hall or stairs to get your workout in?
You also are able to get your workout in at any time of day - whatever works best for you.
Which brings us to our next point:

It’s Open 24/7

Pros and Cons Home Gym - Open 24/7

You don’t have to worry about hours or closing. And you can workout on holidays! (that is, if you choose to)

Variety of Workouts Available

Home Gym Pros and Cons - Variety

At your home gym, you can do whatever you want. Heavy lifting. Crossfit. Follow workout videos. Stream workout classes.
It’s all up to you!

Freedom from Judgment

Are you self-conscious of your form or face you make while pushing heavy weight? Are you one of those people who groans out loud while you squat and deadlift?
At your home gym, you don’t have to worry what others think of you!

You Can Get The Kids Into Fitness!

Home Gym Pros and Cons - Kids Into Fitness

Brett and Kate McKay at The Art of Manliness make a great point to families:
Working out at home will get your children interested in fitness.
Kids learn by doing - especially by mimicking what their parents do. So, they are much more likely to take on a healthy lifestyle if they see their parents doing so.
Although a home gym has amazing benefits, it does also come with some cons. You’ll have to weigh them out and see if a home gym is worth it to you.

Home Gym Cons:

Workout Equipment Is Expensive

Cons of Home Gym - Expensive

Depending on how much/what type of equipment you buy for your home gym, you could end up paying a bit of money up front.
Fortunately, the money you save in monthly fees quickly adds up, paying for the investment (and some).
Want to know how to get the most out of your investment? Be sure to check out 4 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Home Gym.

Less Equipment

Although you have more variety of what type of workout you do at home, you definitely have less variety in equipment at home. Well, unless you spend a lot of money and have a lot of space.
At home, you’re restricted to whatever equipment you have.
The good news is that if you buy the right type of equipment, you don’t need all the variety to do any exercise you want.

Less Space To Workout

Odds are your home gym will be in a garage or vacant room. Unfortunately, this does limit the amount of space you have for your equipment and your workouts.
But if you approach this correctly by clearing out space or rearranging, then you can maximize the amount of space you have for your home gym.
Tip: After clearing out space, have a garage sale with all the stuff you don’t need. Now your home gym is making you some money!


Cons of Home Gym - Hot Temperature

If your home gym is a garage gym, then the odds are that your gym is going to get quite hot during your workout. There won’t be a nice AC unit or huge fans like most commercial gyms.
Or if your gym is in a room, then it could still get a bit stuffy after you break a solid sweat. And if you want to run your AC, then that could rack up some extra money.
Tip: Try to put your home gym in a room with windows or outside if possible to avoid heat and stuffiness.

Tying It All Together

It really all comes down to your personality and preference.
A home gym definitely has its benefits and can save a lot of money in a reasonable amount of time. But it’s not for everyone.
If you’re still unsure what to decide after reading this article, try this:
Get minimal equipment or only the essentials first and test out your home gym. See how you like it with a minimal upfront investment. If you decide you don’t like it, you could easily sell your new equipment to get your money back.

One Last Thing

There’s a debate on whether a home gym helps achieve fitness goals faster or not. Some argue that a home gym makes it easier and more likely that someone will use it compared to a commercial gym. Others argue that daily distractions at home can get in the way of your workouts.
Overall, Health and Fitness Ohio concludes that those who build a home gym are more likely to stick to their fitness program and reach their fitness goals quicker than those who workout at commercial gyms.

So what’s it going to be for you?

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