About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Home Gym Heroes aims to provide you with the best home gym equipment along with our expertise to promote Health, Growth, and Happiness.

Everyone needs some type of exercise to stay healthy. We provide a valuable, hassle-free experience for customers that are looking to lead healthier lives.

Home Gym Heroes knows and appreciates the value of time in customers lives, and believes that a home gym can allow people to fit exercise time into busy schedules. We also provide content that extends the value of the products we provide and create a more well-rounded customer experience and engagement. We also give our customers different workouts for their specific equipment. Home Gym Heroes builds a community with our customers through our engagement on our website as well as our social media platforms.


Two wellness entrepreneurs joined forces to deliver the maximum amount of value to an underserved market - those looking to start their own home gym.

Brandon Lebeiko Home Gym Heroes, LLC

Brandon Lebeiko is the blogger behind Home Gym Heroes. Brandon writes the majority of our articles to provide the most value to our customers. Customer service doesn’t stop once equipment is bought - our email list receives updates on top workouts and healthy habits, thanks to Brandon.

Brandon is also a health and wellness blogger who discusses the importance of both physical and mental health in order to live a happy, fulfilled life.

 Connor Breuckman Home Gym Heroes, LLC

Connor Breuckman brings a refreshing take on health as well as a technical background to Home Gym Heroes. Connor is in charge of our various social media accounts that engage with our customers and build our community, boosting the value of the equipment sold by Home Gym Heroes.

Connor is a wellness entrepreneur, founder and partner of the fitness clothing and accessories brand, Xeno Athleisure. Through high-quality materials and fashionable products, Connor aims to elevate the fitness clothing world through Xeno products.

Together, Brandon and Connor create and provide the solution to those yearning for a healthier lifestyle at home.

What To Do Next?

Check out the Start Here page to assess where you currently are in your journey and to check out our free resources to help you out along the way!